The medal ceremony at Enoshima marks the end of an era as the RS:X Class departs from the Olympic Games after 21 years and 4 very successful Olympic cycles.

I am very proud of the contribution that the Neil Pryde company  made to the development of Olympic windsurfing and the influence the class has had on the presentation of Yachting within the Games itself.

In 2005 the Neil Pryde RS:X was selected by the then ISAF, the fore runner of World Sailing as the purpose built equipment for the discipline  of windsurfing within the Olympics .
The equipment was designed to provide identical equipment to sailors that was state of the art, affordable and robust to the extent that the equipment would remain competitive thru a complete 4 year Olympic cycle and capable of performing in  windspeeds of 3 to 30 knots .

The RS:X Class performed spectacularly in the the Games of Beijing, London, Rio de Janeiro and finally in Tokyo offering what was clearly the most colourful and spectacular presentation of Sailing.

I retired from the Pryde Group in June 2015 but have remained involved in the Class at a non-executive level and was fortunate enough to attend the Games in Rio de Janeiro. I was hugely impressed by the quality of both the Brazilian event and Tokyo both in the presentation of the sport and the incredible performance of the sailors in very demanding conditions. The styling and graphic presentation of the RS:X equipment added a whole new dimension to One Design Sailing.

When we selected the materials to be used in the manufacture of the boards and rigs, we selected modern, light weight materials that offered designers almost unlimited scope with which to work on the presentation of the equipment and from Beijing to Tokyo the RSX Class has provided an unprecedented display of graphic design that moved Olympic Sailing way up in the television ratings and audiences. No longer is Sailing simply white sails on blue waters! We live and work in a dynamic world and Windsurfing needed to move onwith the introduction of foiling equipment at the Paris Olympics in 2024.

The RSX Class wishes our successor, the iQFOiL Class every success in moving the performance needle and making Olympic Windsurfing even more exciting both for the sailors and the spectators. As the RS:X Class departs the Olympics, I would like to pay tribute to all of the people who worked tirelessly to make the RS:X Class the success it has been. The RS:X Class organisation has done a tremendous job in keeping the Class relevant and on topic as the One Design Olympic Windsurfing Class with great leadership from the Commitee and Executive.

We faced many challenges but in the end we came through for the Sailors. I would like to extend my personal thanks to our Class President, Carlo Dalla Vedova and Secretary Andrus Poksi for the work they did in delivering a perfect event in Tokyo with the knowledge that this would be our last Olympic appearance. Well done!

Finally, and most importantly I congratulate all the athletes who embraced the Olympic dream thru the RS:X Class and made their indelible mark on this sport we love. This class has produced unforgettable Olympic Champions who will forever grace the history of our sport. Their names will live on in the annals of Sailing. I look forward to seeing Windsurfing on foils in the 2024 Games.

With Best Wishes

Neil Pryde
Olympic Athlete 1968 Mexico
Flying Dutchman Class