Dear Team Leaders,

Today we were able to have our first discussion with both the IOC and Tokyo 2020 in the same meeting. Tokyo 2020 are preparing a formal proposal to meet their government’s requirements and address the concerns that have been raised; we hope to see that by the end of the week. No final decisions have been made yet, but we expect the following will be contained in the proposal:

  • There will be no entry to Japan or training possible in May (from Enoshima, Zushi or anywhere else)
  • Entry to Japan won’t occur before late June
  • The Venue Soft Opening (start of training) date will be a date accessible for all teams, so while some teams might enter Japan earlier due to flight schedules or quarantine rules the FOP will be open for training to all teams on the same date
  • Each person entering Japan will have to do a number of days of isolation quarantine in an approved hotel
  • For at least the first 14 days in Japan
    • Each person will be in a government approved hotel
    • There will be very strict controls on each person; any time they leave their room they will need permission and will be supervised
    • Transport will be scheduled in advance
    • Catering will be managed with doping risks to be addressed
    • Each person will undergo multiple COVID-19 tests that will determine if they can leave the restricted controls
    • Fitness and recover services are being considered but expectations should be set low (if you have items you can use at the venue, you should consider those)
  • The Freight Support Plan will continue as originally published
    • Any teams that haven’t shipped containers already should reconsider when they ship as there could be a delay between grounding and unloading
    • Tokyo 2020 is considering how they can support those with containers already shipped who face additional costs

Tokyo 2020 is considering how they can support those with accommodation booked that they won’t be able to use or get refunded. We recommend you make sure you NOC are aware of your concerns and risks, as this is likely to impact warm up camps for other sports too.

The costs and administration procedures for the proposal will likely take a while longer to become clear.

Based on the time line that Tokyo 2020 are considering and the likely entry requirements, it is my expectation that multiple trips to Japan will be impractical and may be prohibited entirely.  

We recognise this information maybe not be to the liking of some teams at it will negatively impact athlete preparations. At this stage the priorities are still focussed on having safety procedures in place to enable the Olympic Sailing Competition to be conducted and World Sailing will put rules in place to ensure the training and competition are conducted fairly for all teams once we have the decisions from the Japanese government.

I expect another update later this week and we are considering a further Team Leaders Town Hall next week. 

Kind regards

Michael Downing
WS Olympic Manager