The RS:X Class Continues with the Class ENP Program on 2020

The RS:X Class Executive Committee decided, regardless the RS:X was not selected to 2024 Olympics, to continue on 2020 with the Class Emerging Nation Program. The training and coaching input/work is not mainly related to the RS:X equipment and Olympics, but covers the total and complex combination of all aspects of high-level sailing/windsurfing knowledge needed. To have a better understanding and implementation of technics, strategy, tactics, rules, physical training, mental training, knowledge of training science, periodisation, injury prevention etc etc.

To continue the RS:X Class Emerging Nations Program in 2020, with focus on those MNA’s who still want and have an opportunity to qualify to Tokyo Olympics 2020. For those who have not been involved in Olympic Games qualification/participation before in female and/or male discipline, and/or need training/coaching support to increase the level of the athletes who are qualified for Tokyo 2020.

After the decision by World Sailing to replace the RS:X with the iQFoil for the Olympic Games 2024, the coming year 2020 will be the last year where our member MNA’s will invest money and time in the RS:X as a preparation to try to qualify to Tokyo Olympics.

Those Nations who are already qualified through the 2018 and 2019 World Championships are not considered Emerging Nations as the level at both World Championships was very high, and all countries qualified were already involved in the last Olympics on 2016.

Focus is now on those MNA’s who will race in their continental qualifiers, and have not been involved in the last Olympic Games, or even never before, as their level isn’t good enough (specially the female discipline) to be able to finish the races in Tokyo within the time limit.

We have done the first Class ENP in Palma de Mallorca on last year with focusing on the African females, EGY and ALG, combined with CZE and MEX. The young MEX girl Mariana Aquilar qualified her country in the World Championship in Torbole, sailing her first Worlds! During the African continental qualification regatta Algeria qualified both female and male.

The events and venues the RS:X ENP is scheduled (in case of enough participants):

  • RS:X Windsurfing World Championships, incl. Olympic Qualifier for Oceania – Sorrento, Melbourne, AUS – 23-29 February 2020
  • RS:X Windsurfing Asian Championships, incl. Olympic Qualifier for Asia – Abu Dhabi, UAE – 15-21 March 2020
  • Trofeo Princesa Sofia Regatta – Palma, ESP – 27 March – 4 April 2020
  • RS:X Windsurfing European & Youth European Championships – Athens, GRE – 10-16 May 2020

The RS:X Class ENP Coach
Mr. Diederik Bakker (NED) will be the RS:X Class ENP coach for the Training Courses. Diederik is a long time windsurfing coach and also the coaches representative in the RS:X Class Executive Committee.

ENP Training Groups
The training group is limited to maximum of 8 sailors and minimum of 4 sailors. Each sailor should come together with her coach as the training clinic will include also coaching their coaches. The investment will be divided between the Class and participants. The costs of the ENP coach, a boat and materials will be covered by the RS:X Class. The participants have to cover their own costs for traveling, housing, equipment etc.

The RS:X Class will provide and cover:

  • The Class ENP coach Mr. Diederik Bakker (NED)
  • The coach boat for on-the-water trainings
  • Training and coaching in all aspects of RS:X equipment.
  • Technical preparation on shore
  • Theory regarding how to use the power from the sail the right way through the body and deliver this power to the board
  • Trimming and adjusting to the expected weather conditions
  • How to work together on the water in an efficient way
  • Training on the water, including the video feedback with analysis of technic and trimming
  • Optimisation of body, boom, harness lines positions and length, foot position in different wind conditions
  • Tactical and strategic training when focused on racing drills and preparation for the regatta
  • Daily program with the meetings on shore and on water training, plus evaluation
  • Throughout all the course the sailor’s coach is fully involved the program

The Participants will cover
Their own sailing equipment, travel, accommodation and meals.

The Pre-registration
The pre-registration is essential to complete the groups and to confirm if the ENP clinic will take place. Therefore, any sailor/MNA who is interested to participate at the RS:X Class ENP shall pre-register by sending an e-mail to before 5 February 2020 and stating on which of above-listed events he/she wants to participate.

May you have any further question, please do not hesitate to contact directly to Mr. Diederik Bakker, the RS:X Class ENP Coach – or the RS:X Class –

The RS:X Class

The ENP Group in Palma 2019