Passport And Custom Control At The Entrance To Russia

Dear sailors!

We would like to give you some explanations about the passage of passport and customs control at the entrance to Russia, and about getting an equipment to Russia.

Migration card.

On board the aircraft, or before the passport control in Russia, you should ask the steward or the officer for a migration card. This is a small questionnaire with a few simple questions in English. Please fill it in and show the officer at passport control. After the officer stamps and gives you the second part of the migration card, please be sure to keep this document until the end of the trip. A migration card will be required when checking into a hotel, as well as when leaving the country a migration card must be given to the officer.

Getting equipment to Russia.

  • If a championship participant arrives in Russia with his personal property, including one set of equipment (1 person – 1 set), then the equipment does not need to be declared, and when passing through customs control, you can go through the green corridor (provided that you don’t carry other valuable things need to be declared). Please don’t forget to order the transportation of non-standard baggage before the flight, as we described in previous news. We are ready to provide you with an official letter to present at customs, in which we will write that you are the participant in the World Championship and bring with you personal sport equipment that is not subject to customs duties.

We will send an explanation to the customs that one set may include:
– board in board bag: one or two (one spare, in case of destruction of the main one).
– sail in bag: from 1 to 3 pieces (different configuration for different winds)
– center board (Daggerboard): from 1 to 2 pieces (spare in case the main is destroyed)
– fin: from 1 to 5 pieces (spare in case of destruction or loss of the main one)
– boom: from 1 to 2 pieces (for different types of wind)
– mast: from 1 to 3 pieces (for different types of sails)
– mast extension: from 1 to 3 pieces (for different types of masts)
– mastfoot (power base): from 1 to 2 pieces (Spare in case of breakage of the main)
– life jacket + Harness + diving suit: 1 set.
If there is something in your set that is not listed on this list, then please let us know by email

  • If a participant (or team representative) is going to bring several sets of equipment (1 person – several sets), then the equipment should be cleared at the customs point. And for this you need to make Carnet ATA in the Chamber of Commerce of your country before the way to Russia.
  • If you send your personal equipment by cargo aircraft as unaccompanied baggage, you will not have to pay customs fees (in respect of your equipment) upon arrival (only the cost of the carriage itself), but you will have to fill out a customs declaration. To avoid paying customs duties, please follow these instructions step-by-step:
  1. When you arrive in Russia, please go through the red customs control corridor and fill in the declaration. In the declaration, indicate that you have unaccompanied baggage that you sent by cargo plane.
  2. Take a taxi to the Pulkovo cargo terminal (4 km). There show the first declaration and complete another declaration for unaccompanied baggage. Specify in the declaration information about your personal sports equipment that is in unaccompanied baggage.
  3. After that, you will receive your equipment and you will not need to pay customs duties.

We kindly ask all the participants to inform us how do you arrive to Russia so that we know what customs point you will pass through:

Thank you for understanding.
Best wishes to all.