Aaron Botzer, the Honorary Life Member and great friend of RS:X Class passed away!

Aaron Botzer, the Honorary Life member of International RS:X Class Association and our dear friend of windsurfing, has passed away on age of 88 years.

Aaron was born in Poland in 1932 and 1935 his family immigrated to Israel. Aaron became a key figure in the development of the sailing sport in Israel.

From childhood he was attracted to the sea and specially to sailing sport. His rich activities in this field have continued for decades, being a member of the board of directors of the Zevulun Sailors Association.

Aaron was one of the first international sailing judges in Israel and represented the country as a judge at the sailing competitions around the world, including at the Seoul, Atlanta, Barcelona, ​​Sydney and Athens Olympic Games, where he conferred the surfer Gal Friedman, the only Olympic gold medalist in Israel to date.

Aaron was also the chairman of Windsurfing Committee of International Sailing Federation and was one of those who brought the windsurfing sport to Israel and made it the leading sport in Israel.
International Sailing Federation awarded Aaron with the  ISAF Gold Medal for Long Service.

In addition, Aaron has until almost his last day been active in the management of the Marine Corps, where he served, in the Pensioners’ Association and the Electric Company Pensioners Committee, where he worked for more than fifty years until his retirement.

For many years of public activity, Aaron received many accolades, including the Tel Aviv Honorable person, the Maccabi Israel Honorable person, a recognition of his life’s work in developing and nurturing the Israeli Sailing sport on behalf of the Israel Sailing Association.

Aaron’s son, Ofer Botzer, father of five and outstanding sailor, died to cancer in 2007. Every year, Aaron participated in the Ofer Botzer Surfing Championship – an international competition for sailboats to commemorate his name.

Aaron was an outstanding person, sailor and judge and a great friend of windsurfing!

Aaron will always stay in our memories.

Sincere condolences to the family and all friends grieving the immeasurable loss.

Rest In Peace Aaron!