2020 RS:X Class Virtual AGM – Final Agenda, Submissions and Other Documents

The 2020 AGM of the International RS:X Windsurfing Class Association will be staged virtually by using the Zoom.us platform.

(Due to the COVID-19 situation, the Executive Committee of RS:X Class decided to host the 2020 Class Annual General Meeting virtually by using the Zoom.us platform.)

Date: Sunday, November 22nd, 2020
Place: Virtually in Zoom.us platform
Starting time: 14:00 (Portugal Local Time)

1. Welcome by the President of RS:X Class
2. Approval of the Minutes of the 2019 AGM
3. Reports
…a. President
…b. Treasurer
…c. Coaches’ Representative
…d. Technical Committee Chairman
…e. Class Chief Measurer
4. The 2019 Class Accounts and Financial Statements (See here)
5. Submissions
6. The RS:X Championships 2021
7. The Status & Future of International RS:X Class Association
8. Any Other Business

Download the 2019 Annual Financial Report of the International RS:X Class Association
Download the budget of the International RS:X Class Association for 2021


# From Submission Title About
1  ExCom 01-20 Sub The RS:X Class Constitution amendment Online voting, the term of the Executive Committee, Manufacturer’s Representative
2 ExCom 02-20 Sub The RS:X Class Rules amendment Amending the references from Neil Pryde Ltd. to the RS:X Class

Important! Please download any Form to your computer first, then fill it out, save and send the file back to RS:X Office!

At the AGM, each Full Member has one vote according to the Class Constitution 7.14. The decisions shall be taken by a Simple Majority vote according to the Class Constitution 7.16. Voting will be conducted virtually during the Zoom.us meeting. Only Full Members in ‘good standing’ (2020 Class Annual Membership Fee has been paid) will be eligible to vote.

Delegate Appointment or Proxy Nominations
RS:X Class Full Member shall confirm their appointed delegate for the AGM by the President or Secretary of the represented NCA and authorise that person to vote on any submission on their behalf. Said authorisation shall be received by email sent to andrus@rsxclass.org by 2400hrs UTC on 21st November 2020.
The following forms should be used:
Delegate Registration Form (please download the Form to your computer, then
 fill it out, save and send to RS:X Class)

Those not appointed as a national delegate may attend the meeting as an observer but will not be able to speak. The Observers can watch the meeting via RS:X Class Youtube Streaming channel: http://www.youtube.com/RSXClass
(Pay attention to the Capital letters in the link!)

Be prepared
Delegates are urged to take time to read the agenda and the attached submissions in advance and come prepared.
Here is the link to the 2019 AGM Minutes.

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