2017 RS:X Class AGM – Final Agenda, Submissions, Bids, Elections and Other Documents

The 2017 International RS:X Class Association’s AGM will be staged in Enoshima Yacht Harbour, Enoshima, Japan on Saturday, September 16th @ 17:00, during the 2017 RS:X Windsurfing World Championships.

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The deadline for submissions and proposals to be discussed and voted at the AGM, expired by 17th August 2017.
Herewith you can find the submissions, proposals for the Class Executive Committee positions, event bids received and other documents which will help you to prepare for the AGM.

1. Welcome by the President of the RS:X Class
2. Approval of the Minutes of the 2016 AGM
3. Reports
a. President
b. Treasurer
c. Manufacturer’s Representative
d. Sailor’s Representative
e. Coaches’ Representative
f. Technical Committee Chairman
g. Class Chief Measurer
4. The 2016 Class Accounts and the Budget of 2018
5. Submissions
6. The RS:X Championships Selection for 2019-2020
7. Election of RS:X Class President and Executive Committee
8. Any Other Business

Download the 2016 Annual Financial Report of the International RS:X Class Association
Download the budget of the International RS:X Class Association for 2018

BIDS FOR 2019-2020 RS:X CHAMPIONSHIPS (not final)

2019 RS:X World Championships  2019 RS:X Youth World Championships
Takapuna, NZL  Late February Da Nang, VIE  April
Torbole, ITA  September-October Sochi, RUS  August-September
Sochi, RUS  August-September
2019 RS:X European Championships  2019 RS:X Youth European Championships 
Palma, ESP  April (after Princesa Sofia Regatta) Palma, ESP  April (after Princesa Sofia Regatta)


2020 RS:X World Championships  2020 RS:X Youth World Championships
Takapuna, NZL  Late February Da Nang, VIE  April
Torbole, ITA  September-October
Sochi, RUS  August-September
2020 RS:X European Championships  2020 RS:X Youth European Championships 
Aigio, GRE Aigio, GRE


# Title About From Download
1 The Reserve Day at the RS:X Events To shorten the RS:X Class events by deleting the reserve day from the racing series. Ex.Com Sub17-01
2 The RS:X Championships Entry Fees To revise the RS:X Class Championships Entry Fees Ex.Com Sub17-02
3 The RS:X Class Race Format update for a Medal Race To change the current Medal Race format by adding the option to have a reaching start and finish when planing conditions Ex.Com Sub17-03
4 The New RS:X Class Race Format for Final Races To implement the new racing format for the RS:X events final races – ‘The winner takes it all’, i.e. the first board in the race crossing the finishing line is the winner. Ex.Com Sub17-04
5 The New RS:X Class Rule – C.6.5(c) – Equipment Repair To allow a fast equipment repairs during the event by using any material, however after the event the repair shall be carried out on a like for like basis. Ex.Com Sub17-05
6 The New RS:X Class Rule – C.6.5(d) – Footstrap Screws To allow a footstrap screw holes to fill with any material (screw) in case the screw needs to be replaced. Ex.Com Sub17-06
7 The amendment to the RS:X Class Constitution  The RS:X equipment technical specifications and design changes proposed by NeilPryde to World Sailing shall be approved by the RS:X Class Association in the same way at Class Rules.  GBR Sub17-07
8 The RS:X Equipment at the Olympics – BYO To decide which BYO (‘Bring Your Own’) equipment may be used at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. FRA Sub17-08
9 The RS:X Equipment at the Olympics -BYO-Centreboard To include the centreboard in the BYO equipment at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.  FRA Sub17-09
10 The RS:X Class Rule amendment – C.7.1(d)(i) To delete the Mark 3 (black) fin from the RS:X Class Rule C.7.1(d)(i). No Mark 3 fins for Female fleet and to restart manufacturing the RS:X Mark 2 fins instead.  FRA Sub17-10
11 The RS:X equipment manufacturing – Fins To look for a new manufacturer of the RS:X Male fleet fins  FRA Sub17-11

The Class has received the following nominations for the RS:X Class Executive Committee positions, to hold the office for next four years:

Name NCA Position
Carlo Dalla Vedova ITA President
Ronnie Meir ISR Vice-President
Ilker Bayindir TUR Vice-President
Martin Aldridge GBR Treasurer
Andrus Poksi EST Secretary
Ewa Jodlowska POL Technical Committee Chairman
Marc-Olivier Leconte FRA Manufacturer’s Representative
Bryony Shaw GBR Sailor’s Representative
Diederik Bakker NED Coaches’ Representative


At the AGM, each Full Member has one vote according to the Class Constitution 7.14. The decisions shall be taken by a Simple Majority vote according to the Class Constitution 7.16. Voting will be conducted by showing a voting card or by written decision of each Full Member’s nominated delegate or its nominated proxy. Only Full Members in ‘good standing’ (2017 Class Annual Membership Fee has been paid) will be eligible to vote.

The International RS:X Class Full Member shall confirm their appointed delegate or nominated proxy by the President or Secretary of the represented NCA (National RS:X Class Association) or MNA (World Sailing Member National Association) and authorise that person to vote on any submission on their behalf. Said authorisation shall be received by email sent to andrus@rsxclass.org by 2400hrs (Local time, Enoshima, Japan) on 15th September 2017.
The following forms are recommended to be used:
DELEGATE REGISTRATION FORM (please download the form to your computer, then fill it out and save)

Those not appointed as a national delegate may attend as an observer but will not be able to speak unless invited to do so by the chairman.

Delegates are urged to take time to read the agenda and the attached submissions in advance and come prepared.
Here is the link to the 2016 AGM Minutes.

Enoshima Yacht Harbour
1 Chome-12-2 Enoshima, Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture 251-0036, Japan
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