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Saint Petersburg Yacht Club

Saint Petersburg public sports organization – Saint Petersburg Yacht Club – was established in 2007 and is a successor of the oldest yacht club in the world – Neva fleet, that Peter the Great had planned to create at the beginning of the 18th c.

Enriching the great traditions of the Russian fleet and actively participating in the international sailing life, Saint Petersburg Yacht Club is one of the largest in the world today.

The activity of the Club focuses covers a wide range of areas, including shipbuilding, historical research, educational programs, sports training and practical lessons in the sea for the youth, Olympic sport, making grown-ups familiar with sailing and other large-scale social projects.


To maintain the principles of nautical ethics on land and sea and to develop marine sports, first of all, sailing.


The philosophy of the Yacht Club is based on the necessity to keep the heritage of nautical culture and naval history of Russia and the world and to pass it to the next generations.