World Sailing Council Voted Online – Windsurfing Events To Be Reviewed For 2024 Olympics!

Dear Friends,

Please see the World Sailing (WS) Council’s voting results – the Minutes, by clicking here

It is clear now, that Windsurfing will be the Event to be reviewed. The final decision will the Windsurfing continue as the Olympic Event or not will be made during the WS Mid-year meeting in London on May, 2018.

We visited the WS office in London with Carlo, where we had a meeting with Andy Hunt, the CEO of WS. What was told to us was that there is no intention to exclude the Windsurfing from Olympic games. The reason for the review(s) is to consider some possible changes on it (equipment?, format?, etc).

It may happen that no changes will be made at all, however most likely there still will be some changes expected.

The Class is working now with the Submission, the RS:X Class Executive Committee is going to submit for the WS Mid-year meeting, to support the Windsurfing for 2024 Olympics.

We will share this submission/text soon with all of our class members, so any member’s MNA (national federation) could join with this submission or to use our text as a template and to submit it independently on behalf of your own MNA.

This is a very important moment now to all of us to ask our own sailing federations (MNAs) to support Windsurfing at the Mid-year meeting, by sending the supporting Submission or joining with our’s (the RS:X Class ones).

May you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,

Andrus Poksi
Executive Secretary of International RS:X Windsurfing Class Association