RS:X Fin Working Party Update

The so called ‘FinFix’ working party (WP) chair has been in close correspondence with Cobra and Neil Pryde in getting them to deliver their best RS:X fin which meets the working party objectives.
These objectives are for a consistent, reliable and cost effective fin for the sailors.

The WP have not been directly involved in the development of this fin as it was felt that Cobra should have no excuses if the fin failed. Cobra were made clear that this was their final opportunity to produce a fit for purpose fin for the class or production would be moved elsewhere.

20 fins have been built to a new specification. These fins have been shipped, today, to FRA, GBR and POL for initial testing. Two fins are reserved for WP member Sam Sills to test on conditional return of the Z fins that Sam has been testing.

It is hoped that feedback on the fins will be given within the next month. Report to RS:X Executive at its next meeting. Countries nominated for testing have been asked not to publish online any results prior to the board being briefed.

If these fins fail, the WP will explore new avenues of production of which some work has already been done in determining possible new manufacturers. The WP notes that this will be at a considerable cost to both the class and the sailors if this needed to happen and therefore is not the preferred option.

It is the opinion of the WP Chair that Cobra remains the best option for the class in the short and long term interests of the RSX class association.

Bas Edmonds
The Chairman of the Fin WP
RS:X Class

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