The RS:X 66 Fins Available for Miami SWC and Beyond + Factory Report

The RSX Class have been closely monitoring the status of production of the 66cm fin since the RSX Executive gave the go ahead in December to restart production, following successful trials of a revised fin layup towards the end of 2018.

Neil Pryde and the manufacturer Cobra have been working hard to produce fins in time for the first major event of 2019, the Hempel Sailing World Cup, where a consignment of 50 new layup 66cm fins has been airfreighted to sailors taking part in the event. More will follow in the coming days.

The RSX class has been in close contact with both Neil Pryde and Cobra to ensure that sailors will be able to compete at the SWC Miami on even terms. Part of this has been to support the local Neil Pryde distributor in detailing arrangements for the distribution of the fins as and when they are made available.

Sailors should note that only black fins, identified with a green RSX racing logo, are permitted for use at the SWC. Both the old layup and new layup have the same flex and twist tolerances but with the new layup having increased reliability and strength.

Management of the distribution of the fins will be such that sailors will be only allowed to purchase one fin only, provided they are entered into the event. Sailors with a warranty claim which is outstanding that has been submitted formally to Neil Pryde will be able to use this claim instead of having to purchase their one fin allowance. No “walk up” warranty claims on the day will be accepted.

Sailors will also not be permitted to select fins, as the Neil Pryde distributor will ensure that a first out of the box policy will be followed to ensure a fair and equal distribution of the fins.

Both the RSX Class and Neil Pryde are working to continue to manage the production and distribution of 66cm fins over the coming months to ensure that sailors are able to continue training and racing on equal terms as the RSX Class head into an important summer of racing. The next major event in Palma is also going to be supported and sailors are encouraged to place orders with the European distributor, Groupe Satet, in order to have the best chance of having fins delivered when racing moves to Europe.

The Chief Measurer of RS:X Class, Bas Edmonds, visited the Cobra factory to see the improvements and changes they have done for the fin production.
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PS. Additionally, the following procedure shall be followed and it is essential: If you want a 66cm fin in Miami, you should contact the NeilPryde distributor, Brendan [] and either let him know you have a warranty case to claim, or you are simply purchasing the fin.

Fair Winds,
The International RS:X Class Association

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