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Class Rule Changes
2018 RSX Class Rule changes (date effective from 15th January 2018)



The RS:X Class Executive have discussed the introduction of updated equipment by the manufacturer NeilPryde. The RS:X Class are sympathetic to the reasoning as to why in certain instances NeilPryde have had to change suppliers and support the move to equipment with tighter tolerances.

In order to facilitate the transition of updated equipment in time for the first Olympic qualification regatta in Aarhus, Denmark where the World Championships will be held in August 2018, the RS:X Executive have determined the following dates for equipment limitations to be in place. These dates have been set in conjunction with NeilPryde and their manufacturing and supply deadlines.

From 1st November 2017 – 24th March 2018
Mk1 masts and Mk2 fins shall only be used for Division A and B at Sailing World Cup events. Other equipment limitations on boards and sails are as per class rules.

From 25th March 2018 – 1st July 2018
Either the Mk1 or Mk2 (EVO) mast may be used and either the Mk2 or Mk3 (EVO) fin may be used by Division A and B at events. Other equipment limitations on boards and sails are as per class rules.

From 1st July 2018 onwards
Only the Mk3 (EVO) fin and Mk2 (EVO) mast shall be used for Division A and B at World and European Championships and Sailing World Cup events. It is the intention that sails produced post Rio 2016 only shall be used for these events (Mk 6 sails).
Boards are not restricted except to 2008 onwards. (London, Rio, new and old graphics are permitted).

It is not the intention of these changes to be applied to Division C (Youth) and that these changes will increase the equipment available to Youth competitors as Division A and B sailors transition to the latest equipment.

These limitations are designed to ensure that for all major events leading into Tokyo 2020 are raced on as similar equipment as possible.



If you want to be sure that your RS:X equipment complies with the new class rules and that you do not have any problems when your equipment gets pulled for post race scrutinising, it would be wise to read these two notices from the RS:X Chief Measurer.

➡ General Instructions for Register & Checking Equipment Manual
➡ RS:X Sail Number Advice

Better to be safe than sorry 🙂

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