Could This Be The Future Of The RS:X Olympic Class?

During the last Class AGM in Eilat, Israel, some may have noticed, a board blasting above the water! This was part of the ‘flying generation’ – more precisely an RS:X Convertible, which is filled with new technology and performance from NeilPryde.

The carbon injection board, prepreg carbon fin and prepreg carbon foil has been developed with the desire to cover a large range of wind from 5 to 30 knots flying on foil in light breeze and blasting on the fins once the wind gets stronger.

A NeilPryde spokesperson said ‘this is no more slow motion, its about ultimate performances only’ 

Gaining the power from a double profile  rig, 4 cambers sail 7.8. 100% carbon mast and 100% carbon boom with integrated trimming system and flying on a board which weighs 6 kgs, measuring 2,25 x 0,75 m, 120 liters volume,

NeilPryde are fast gaining a reputation for developing advance performance boards, proven by their one design line which includes the Olympic 2016 and 2020 board: the RS:X, and now a new windfoil convertible project aiming to become the 2024 new Olympic board.

The equipment will be available on market from 2017 but if you can’t wait, watch out for the first official demo races of the RS:X Convertible with 5 Olympic Champions as the event stars held during the RS:X Youth World Championships in Limassol, Cyprus on 19-26 November 2016.

RSX Convertible Test 02 RSX Convertible Test 03

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